What makes  Tibetan Spaniels different from other breeds?

First of all, you either love them or loathe them! They may look like little angels but appearances can be deceptive.


What are their characters like?

   It is near impossible to generalize as each one is uniquely individual unto themselves with calm sweet mothers producing bouncy naughty puppies and really this is one of the breed's charms as you never know what sort of temperaments or even what colours will result from the same litter.


 They have exceptionally long memories and enjoy regular exercise, whether the walks are of long or short duration, but for safety, need to be kept on a lead anywhere even remotely near roads.


A great advantage is that, provided a Tibetan Spaniel is healthy, they never smell 'doggy' even when wet or muddy.


A securely fenced garden is essential for the breed owners peace of mind as they can dig deeply down in to the ground as well as climb with some particularly agile individuals having been known to scale chain link up to nine feet high.

This is not normally because they want to leave home but simply to try their owners patience to the limit as, once out, they simply demand to come back in again!


    The breed are highly intelligent and almost entirely selfish in the best possible way.  As a general rule, they usually contrive to do exactly what they want,- and this by fair means or foul.  The average Tibetan Spaniel usually acknowledges commands but will not necessarily obey unless there is a very good reason for so doing - this 'disobedience' often being accompanied by a haughty look of disdain.


   Healthy and long living as a general rule, some cases of GPRA or night blindness have occurred in Tibetan Spaniels. For this reason it continues to be vitally important that all breeding stock are eye tested regularly.(Please see our page on Health)


  Tibetan Spaniels are not exaggerated in any way with the term moderate recurring throughout their breed Standard. Basically they are small - about 10 inches at the shoulder - assertive, active and alert. Putting it another way, they are full of  fun and never cease to surprise you.


   Whilst acknowledging they are not the the breed for everyone, if you are looking for an utterly charming, loyal, irresistibly huggable, easy to keep, independently minded, companion-cum watchdog, who will adapt equally happily to town or country - this is the Tibetan Spaniel.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jane Lilley



  Basically the closest thing to an animated teddy bear, in looks at least, with an easy to keep silky textured double coat. They are highly intelligent and extremely independent with a will of iron, keen sight and a memory like an elephant, never forgetting a friend or forgiving an enemy.

  Always on the alert, they are brave and fearless watch dogs, ready to give a loud vocal warning of anything untoward even when apparently asleep.


 Persuasion is more likely to succeed than direct commands since obedient by nature they are not, nor are they clinging lapdogs as they are usually far too busy doing something more important!  The bitches  seldom come in season with any regularity and stud dogs are often choosy as to their partners, litter sizes being about 2-4  with the average lifespan being somewhere in the region of 15-17 years, always provided they are happy and healthy.  Tibetan Spaniels thrive on constant human companionship and are, therefore, totally unsuited to kennel conditions.

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