This breed are small, sturdy companions which originally existed  to stand on the flat roofs of the  monasteries in Tibet and give warning of approaching strangers.

They are wonderful burglar alarms, devoted to their  human family but can be extremely stubborn and determined.

Responsibility for S.E and E.A.T.S.S. is in the hands of the following Committee who have been elected by the membership to run the club.

  • PRESIDENT-Vacant

  • VICE PRESIDENTS- , Mrs G Jane Lilley, Mrs Alice RIley.

  • CHAIRMAN- Mrs Ann Keen, Vice Chairman,Ms B Wallis Baga

  • SECRETARY-Hilary Breeze 01953 605439

  • TREASURER- Miss Sarah Styles phone 01953 605439

  • e-sarah.hilsar@btinternet.com

  • Committee-

          Mrs W. Brandrick,Mr M Brandrick, (co-opted)Miss H Breeze, Mrs J Day, Mrs S Lafferty, Ms T M.Neale,  Mr S Needham,Mrs A Steed. Miss B Wallis-Baga, Mrs P Williams.



For advice on anything to do with Tibetan Spaniels, please contact those shown on this page  who will be pleased to help if they can. Please see our other pages with advice on buying a  puppy, or breeding from your  Tibetan Spaniel, History of S.E. and E.A.T.S.S. with photographs of shows and a list of events we plan to hold in the future. We also rin facebook groups.pages with photographs taken at our shows.

To become a member, please contact our Secretary,  Hilary Breeze for a membership form.hilbreeze.16@gmail.com

Single membership £5, Joint £7.

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.

Members get a Newsletter and reduced price entry fees for our three shows  per year.







Open Show at Parkside Hall, Ampthill,Bedfordshire on Sunday October 6th.

Further details from hilbreeze.16@gmail.com or phone 01953605439